Boiler repairs: 5 tips to keep your commercial boiler going longer this winter

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In a recent post this month we provided a guide to commercial boilers in case you needed to install a new one on your premises this year. However, as a new boiler installation is generally expensive we would recommend that you take some action to keep it going as long as possible. This is always true but with colder weather forecasted everywhere this winter, you should pay even more attention to your boiler. Here are our top tips for looking after your boiler:

  • Check your heating regularly: Turning your heating off or too low during a cold snap could end up damaging your heating system by making it work harder to warm up. So, you might want to check your heating regularly. Checking that your heating system works properly will mean your boiler will be less likely to freeze up and break down – saving you on the cost of repairs.
  • Check your pressure: Combi boilers can sometimes stop working because of a drop in pressure. If your boiler stops working check the pressure dial and inspect all of your radiators and pipes for leaks. If you can’t find a leak you should be able to increase the pressure in your system manually by using your system’s valve handle. But you should always switch your boiler off and consult your instructions before tinkering with your boiler’s pressure, as adding too much pressure into a system can be dangerous.
  • Bleed your radiators: If you can feel cold patches on your radiators it may be because there’s air trapped inside that’s blocking the system. If you bleed your radiators and still have a problem with cold patches, your system might be blocked with sludge and might need a chemical flush by a professional gas safe registered engineer.
  • Insulate your condensate pipe if you have a condensing boiler: One of the most common reasons for a condensing boiler breaking down in winter is that “condensate pipes” – the pipes that carry away condensation – run outside the house and can freeze and become blocked when temperatures drop. Preventing this is really simple though – all you need to do is insulate your pipes using pipe lagging.
  • Thaw your condensate pipe: If it’s below freezing and your condensing boiler isn’t working or is displaying an error message or flashing light, your condensate pipe will have probably frozen over, meaning you’ll need to thaw it out. The best way to do this is to put a hot water bottle on the pipe – or pour hot water over it, give it a blow with a hair dryer or wrap a towel soaked in warm water around it – and then reset your boiler.

This are all things you can do yourself and include in your regular maintenance list throughout the year. Still, none of this replaces your regular annual service which is key to ensuring your boiler is in good working order. We will be delighted to provide you with annual boiler service or any other support you may require. Get in touch to discuss further.

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