Burst Pipes In Winter

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Water pipes and their problems is a subject we return to regularly in these blogs. Mainly because of the inconvenience and damage that water can cause in a building. Even taking the precautions we have talked about in earlier blogs sometime burst pipes are unavoidable. If you do suffer one, it’s important to act promptly.

  • Turn the water off at the stop cock to prevent any more water getting into the building. A tip is to make sure that you know where the main water stop cock is and that it turns easily.
  • Switch off the central heating any other water heating installations, such as boilers and immersion heaters, to avoid further damage.
  • Open all cold water taps and flush the toilet to drain the system. Don’t turn on the hot taps as this may cause further problems.
  • If it’s safe, use towels to soak up water, and if it’s possible, move any furniture from the flooded areas.
  • Don’t go near anything electrical that may have been damaged. If the water is getting into areas such as computer rooms or workshops turn off the electricity supply.
  • Call a Plumber. Express Property Services emergency number is 0800 731 3341.

Prevention is better than cure

If you can prevent pipes freezing in the first place then that is the ideal solution. If a pipe is frozen then turn off the water supply at the stopcock, check to see if the pipe has burst and then slowly thaw the pipe with hot water bottles or a towel soaked in hot water, starting at the end nearest the tap. Don’t leave taps dripping or running as the water may not drain down the plughole if the pipe below is frozen.

A reminder of some tips to prevent freezing pipes.

  • Insulate your water tank and any pipes located in unheated areas.
  • Leave your heating on if the building is empty, over Christmas for instance.
  • Arrange for someone to check the property if it is empty for a short while
  • If it is empty for longer then turn off the water supply and drain the system.
  • Fix dripping taps – even a small trickle can result in a frozen pipe.

A little forethought can prevent a catastrophe. Water can devastate a building, homes and businesses. Talk to Express Property Services for advice on getting your system fit for winter.

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