Job Tracker: why is it important to have one?

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We have a new website up and running, and one feature of it is the Job Tracker Professional live work scheduling portal. Job Tracker Professional has been built specifically for the property maintenance, facilities management and service repair industry. It was originally developed to assist companies in keeping track of their active jobs.

Express Property researched the market and found other packages were cumbersome and impractical in use. They were clearly designed by software people rather than people running real property maintenance businesses. We have always put customer service at the heart of everything we do and saw the Job Tracker Portal as a means to enhance this. It allows us to provide customers and tradespeople with the ability to access online, real time progress reports. Job progress can be easily updated the progress of Jobs keeping our customers informed on the status of each piece of work we are carrying out for them.

In addition, all documents for a job can be filed in a virtual filing cabinet giving all parties access to them at all times. Purchase orders, invoices, photographs, CAD drawings, BIM documents and Emails can all be stored in the system. Job Tracker also allows better communication with our teams in the field. With just a few clicks we can share information and documents, job sheets, invoices, risk assessments, photographs and other files required for the job. This can be achieved without rekeying information reducing the opportunity for error or “Chinese whispers” creeping in.

We have had many favourable reports regarding the Job Tracker system. We take responsibility for each job however large or small and pride ourselves in keeping the same high standards of quality and organisation whether we are replacing a lock for a local private customer or implementing a large contract for one of our commercial customers. To learn more about Job Tracker and sign up for your login visit our webpage or get in touch.

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