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The swan is a good analogy for working in property services. It gracefully moves across a lake, a picture of elegance in motion but what is hidden from the eye is the activity going on beneath the water’s surface. When a tradesperson arrives on site to carry out work, they at the end of a process that will have started long before you placed a call to book that work.

Depending on the size of the job a number of different actions may take place following an initial contact. For an urgent job the first action should be to find a suitable person available to carry out the work. For a longer-term project, a site visit may be required to survey and quote for the work. The first port of call for these tasks is usually a Works Co-ordinator or Scheduler. This is someone often working from a price of planning software with a clear understanding of the work on hand, and knowledge of the tradespeople available to carry it out. From that they can add the new work into the schedule and provide the customer with a time or date to expect someone to be with them. The next step in planning new work will be to advise the appointed engineer about the work and making sure they understand what is required. This again often falls to the Works Co-ordinator.

When quoting for planned works a Surveyor will visit the client to assess what is required and to provide accurate costings. This will then be taken back to the office where either the Surveyor themselves or an Estimator will turn this into a quotation for the potential client. Behind the scenes tasks relating to this include procurement, ensuring that the materials to carry out work are available, that engineers are equipped with the tools and safety equipment required and that their vehicles are ready to go.

Once work is complete on site it needs to be signed off, another job for the Surveyor. At the office warranties on any relevant items need to be registered and passed onto the customer, stores replenished, and the work invoiced.

So for every project there is a team behind the scenes ensuring that the work goes smoothly and that the client never sees the ripples of all the paddling going under the water. To learn more about how Express Property Services work, visit the Our Team page of the website, and get in touch to discuss what we can assist you.    

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