Multi Trade Services – The best bet for Facilities Management

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The costs of maintaining an internal facilities management set up can absorb considerable amounts of time and money. For the client the convenience of outsourcing this work to a specialist company are clear, they can leave it to their appointed supplier. For that supplier though finding and retaining tradespeople to fulfil their commitments can be difficult. Trying to coordinate numerous separate functions can eat into time and profits. The solution; a multi trade services provider.

The motto for any facilities manager could easily be “expect the unexpected”. While many aspects of maintenance can be planned, the unexpected weather or accident related problem can spring up at any time. Having contingency plans in place to cater for these can be critical to the success of an outsourced facilities contract, or for the single site manager it can prevent hours spent on the phone locating an emergency trades person, with all the costs associated with urgent call outs.

Utilising a multi trades provider brings several benefits to the client.

Service levels: With a single point of contact you can be clear that the person who arrives on site will meet the standards you have agreed, response times, flexibility and monitoring of work. In terms of interaction with tenants, staff or customers the visibility of a clearly defined service provider can reduce the anxiety that an unknown tradesperson arriving on site can cause. Having the reassurance of knowing that someone will be available to solve problems minimising disruption for your business or clients is an added benefit.

Cost savings: The potential to convert fixed costs to variable costs is another benefit. Rather than having on site employees needing to be kept busy, paying for work as it is carried out will save money. Having an on-call arrangement in place means ruinous emergency charges will be a thing of the past.

Consistency: One of the key reasons for using a multi trade service provider is consistency. Knowing that when someone arrives on site to work, they will have the expertise, training, tools and knowledge to carry out that work. That they will be monitored and that there will be clear understanding about standards of work. An identifiable uniform is another point, adding as we mentioned above to the perception of your business as an efficient organisation.

A final benefit is being able to consult with someone who has built up an understanding of your business, and your clients and can be an active participant in discussions about future planned works. Over time valuable working relationships can result from committing to a service provider who is equally committed to your business. Get in touch with Express Property Services to learn more about how we can help you.

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