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Selecting locks for commercial use can be challenging for business owners because they may only be familiar with the locks on their home. A business requires better security through gate, door and window locks. A professional commercial locksmith will be able to advise on the best protection for your business assets and property. If you are thinking about installing new locks for your business, you’ll need to understand what types of locks are best equipped to provide the kind of security you need.

Mortice Locks are ideal for commercial security because of their general strength and their ability to withstand constant and use. Mortice locks are ideal for locations with a lot of foot traffic, where the lock will be put to a lot of use. High security mortice locks are made to British Standards including BS3621 or BS8621. Electronic door locks are a relatively new to the market. Multiple users can gain access to the lock, without any of them having a key. What this means for the business owner, is that you have better key control with your business with the chances of unauthorised access to your property being reduced. Some keypad door locks are totally keyless, so that the lock cannot be bypassed using traditional methods such as picking. Cylindrical lever locks are used frequently in commercial settings for inner doors. They are designed to cater to increased usage. Since commercial doors are more prone to high volume traffic than many residential doors, they make a better fit. If locks need to be changed regularly then cylindrical locks make this an easier task.

Businesses often have a need for padlocks on gates. They can also be used with a chain to secure equipment or with a staple hasp to secure different types of doors. Combination Padlocks are designed with one or more number dials that open the lock when the right combination code is entered. These locks are sometimes easy to decode or force open. Keyed padlocks are available in a range of styles and security levels. Selecting the best padlock will depend on the use you expect to put it to.

Keeping your commercial property safe and secure is an essential part of ensuring the success of your operations. Your employees and customers need to feel safe and stock and assets need to be safeguarded. A key aspect of ensuring this is determining the right kinds of door locks to use. The type of security required for business protection is different from that used in a residential property. Express Property Services started life as a locksmith some 20 years ago and whilst we have gone on to become a multi trade property maintenance provider, locksmithing has remained a vital part of what we do to this day. Get in touch to discuss your lock requirements.

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