Spring has come, and doesn’t the grass grow quickly?

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With the arrival of some good weather over the May bank holiday thoughts turn to outside space and improving the look of it. If you manage a building, particularly a commercial one, then the image portrayed by the outside of your client’s premises reflects on you and them.

Grass grows when the soil temperature reaches about ten degrees centigrade, after that it may grow between two and six inches per week. This means that a regular routine of cutting needs to be in place to keep it looking presentable. In a commercial setting scalping the grass with a lawnmower every few weeks will soon leave the outside space looking unkempt and uneven. The standard of cutting and the skills and machinery to carry it out are beyond the average handy man gardener.

Grounds maintenance is similarly a task that needs care and consistency. From leaf clearing in Autumn to the spring tidy up when plants that have not survived the winter need replacing, the work needs to be undertaken with a thought for the occupants of the building and their requirements. It’s no use starting the chain saw or leaf blower outside the open windows of a call centre or having slippery leaf mould on a Doctor’s pathway.

The problems don’t only relate to commercial buildings. Trying to let a flat where the garden looks like Jurassic Park is not going to be easy. Tenants will assume that “someone” is looking after the grounds, so a periodic professional inspection and maintenance schedule will limit the need for costly repairs later.

The good weather can also bring unwanted notice to the drains. Regular maintenance can stop clogs and blockages occurring, as well as controlling unpleasant odours in warm weather. Clearing the guttering and repairing any breaks will prevent problems progressing underground in the first place. Guttering should always be inspected by a company used to working at height, and drainage needs the use of specialist equipment from rodding tools to camera robots.

The temptation to “get a man in” will lead inevitably to disappointment with the standard of work. A Handyman is unlikely to have the necessary skills in all areas of grounds maintenance to provide the service you need. They may also not be able to respond to the problem of a broken gutter or tree branch that a professional company would take in their stride.

Express Property Services have the experience of conditions in your area to respond to problems, as well as the professional staff capable of putting in place a scheduled programme of works. If you would like our help getting your grounds maintenance in hand, please get in touch.

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