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With only a few weeks until the clocks turn back and the long hot summer a distant memory, planning for winter weather should be at the top of the list when looking at the outside of your property. We will focus on two aspects of the work you should be thinking about now, drains and trees.

During the winter months your drainage system can be hit hard by harsh, cold weather conditions. Most of the time, taking simple precautionary measures will keep your pipework in good order. However, if you have an old or poorly installed system, the cold weather can be damaging to your drainage. As water freezes, it expands. It’s a simple rule which means that the contents of a pipe will get larger, cracking or bursting the pipe. Outdoor taps, swimming pool hoses, water sprinkler apparatus and pipes in areas that aren’t heated such as garages and outbuildings need attention. Any pipes, drains, cisterns and other water-containing structures should be drained for winter if they are not going to be in use, while those that are should be insulated. Foam pipe insulation or heat trace tapes in colder parts of the country can be easily and inexpensively fitted. Keeping on top of any leaks will help will also control how easily water can freeze. Small gaps between masonry or under doorways can quickly cool down and freeze any at-risk pipes. Draught proofing helps prevent this as well as being a good energy saving measure. The quickest and easiest way to make sure your drains are working well over the cooler months is, to keep them clean. Remove any leaves, mud or other detritus from the grate to stop any potential freezing, and blocking, of your drains.

Another area to look at before winter storms arrive are any trees on your property. If a tree is dead or diseased then it can potentially be at risk of falling in high winds. Any trees that has not has discoloured leaves or had very few leaves through the summer may need looking at. As the leaves fall, checking for loose branches is advisable. The damage that a flying tree branch can do can be dangerous, so it is important to make sure any limbs that need removing are dealt with sooner rather than later. Lastly the fallen leaves themselves should be removed as soon as possible, not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent slippery surfaces forming.

Having a professional check the outside areas of your properties before the weather gets too bad is a good idea as they can identify what areas need attention. Express Property Services will be happy to assist you prepare your properties for winter, get in touch of we can help.

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